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DRAMA Wish List

In order to put on our above high school level productions, we need a script, costumes, make-up, lights, sound equipment, props, sets, and much more! 

The money raised by the Drama Club and Boosters pays for everything in our shows, but we'd really appreciate if you would be able to donate any of these items for our future performances!

- Drama Wish List - 
If you purchase any of these specific items for us, we will recognize your gift in our production programs and at our annual Drama Banque

  • Lights for the NEW PIT COVER! $5000

  • New Body Mics $2000

  • SawStop Table Saw (Professional) $2700

  • 3 Floor Mics Shure MX391 Black $599 each

  • 10 Various Deg. New Source 4 ERS Lighting Inst – $350 each

Thank you for your donation interest. If you would like any information about the above items or any other donation opportunities, please contact: Max Barragan  at 

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