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- All About the CAST-



But what makes up the Cast?

Lead: A Lead role is a character that is central to the plot and that the audience follows throughout the show. In other words, the leads are the main characters of the show.

Supporting Role: A supporting role is a character that is not as prevalent to the plot as a lead but is still critical to the overall story. They are often family members, friends or mentors of the lead role.

Ensemble: The ensemble isa collective group that is used to enhance the show. They play a wide variety of characters within the show but most commonly they are acting in the background, enhancing vocal performances or performing choreography.

Understudy: An understudy is a performer who learns the role of a supporting or lead role in a show. Their job is to be prepared to go on stage in place of the lead performer at a moment's notice in the case that the overstudy is unable to perform. 

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