President’s Address–Clara Blitz–Acceptance Speech 2017

Here is the acceptance speech of our new drama club president: Clara Blitz:

Drama Club President Clara Blitz
Drama Club President Clara Blitz

Hello all! I would like to begin by thanking a few people. First I’d like to thank the drama boosters and parents and anyone else who made every production this year possible. Secondly, I would like to thank the Hewitts. I can honestly say with full confidence that every single one of us has achieved at least one goal this year, if not many more, and it has all been because of their guidance. I’d also like to thank them for providing us with a place where we can all come and just be ourselves, where we can shake off all of the bad juju of the school day and just have fun! Also, because of the Hewitts, we have all not only become better actors, technicians, and crew members, but better teammates, leaders, friends, and just better people overall. Lastly, I would like to thank you all, the drama club members, for giving me the privilege of being your president this coming year. When I first joined the club I knew I wanted to have fun, but I never knew that I would want to become a leader, and a person to look up to. My eighth grade, tomboy, boy-shorts wearing, basketball playing self would have never imagined that I’d be up on stage, giving a speech to an entire club that I can call my friends, let alone wearing a dress. So for this opportunity, I thank you.

This coming year I don’t just plan on fundraising, having meetings, and organizing the executive board. I will do all of those things, I promise! However, I plan on having one hand in the functionality of the club, and the other hand in how the club members work together. This club is all about coordination, cooperation, and communication; without those things, we would get nowhere. This past year we did an amazing job of staying positive amidst all of the stress that production throws at you. That’s just one other thing I admire about this club, our ability to stay positive and uplift each other.

Next year, I want to keep that ball rolling. We all know our little motto “support and nurture.” I want this to be more than just a saying, I want it to be something we live by. Supporting one another is uplifting each other, upholding each other, creating the foundation of trust that theater relies on. Nurturing is maintaining that foundation, and making each other feel loved and at home.

So, next year I challenge you all, no matter what grade, age, or position, to find someone to look up to. To be someone to look up to. I challenge you to tell someone how much they mean to you, without a paper bag. To tell someone the impact they’ve had on you, without tapping their shoulder. I challenge you to make a difference in someone’s day, week, or even life; just as this club has done for me.